Purchase and Management

In Brazil things are done differently than in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands
we do not have to worry about illegal logging taking place in the Hoge Veluwe
National Park. Our land registry cards are correct, and it is clear who the
owner of a certain piece of land is and its size.

Corruption is present in people in influential places and for them the
Amazon is a big source of income and the stakes are high.
The value increases when the forest is cut down to make way for livestock
farming in particular. Some plots are sold twice and/or property papers are
not in order or are forged. Sometimes there are different priorities if there
are financial resources. Everyone wants to have a piece of the pie.

Phase 1 is to do thorough research so that the money ends up in the right
place and that the location is actually purchased.
This will be discussed and requested on-site, where the investigation
will be conducted primarily by the manager.
Additional information will be provided from the Netherlands about which
approaches/parties can be 'reliable' or of support. The foundation is in
touch with an expert on these matters in the Amazon.

Phase 2 is about managing and protecting the primitive forest so that no illegal
logging will take place. This can also be done by working with cameras and
GPS coordinates, for example. We want to coordinate this with the manager.

Phase 3 is the phase in which the donation, the money, will actually be
transferred. As a foundation we think it is important to do thorough
research, but also to base our work on trust and intuition.

Given the culture and what is happening in the Amazon, it is not possible to
guarantee 100% certainty.
Despite this fact, we feel it is necessary and we have confidence in the
manager to go forward with this initiative!





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