The Initiative

The initiative

As a foundation we want to raise money to make a donation for the
purchase and management of a piece of primitive forest in the Amazon

Our goal is to raise € 100,000 for which approx. 1,000,000 m2 of primitive
forest can be purchased.  This takes into account the on-site supervision
and checking of the purchase.


As an initiator, I was able to experience the splendor and beauty of the
Amazon in 2018. I have also seen with my own eyes that many surrounding
plots have been and are being cut down to make room for livestock farming,
for example.

During my stay I met Solon Brito do Nascimento and his family. He has
touched me a number of times with his stories about nature, the indigenous
population and how we can bring about a change together.

Despite the huge deforestation, the new president of Brazil and what is
going on in the world, this man radiates hope and confidence.
Partly because of this I made the decision on my way home that I want
to contribute to this!


Community Cefli in Fortaleza samen met de indianen van de Huni Kuin


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