The Manager

Who will be the manager?

On-site management will be provided by Solon Brito do Nascimento and his
family (see images, video and hymn). We got to know Solon as a special
person, calm, engaging, accessible and connected to nature and indigenous

His mission is about us becoming aware of the mystery of nature and its
importance for our lives here on earth. He has faith and knowledge about the
current state of the earth and what we as human beings can do to restore the
original balance.

Last summer he was in Europe with his family and several Huni Kuin Indians
to convey his mission during various ceremonies.
We spoke with him and this has strengthened our mission.

We believe he is the right person on-site and also for the continuity
and guarantee in the long term.

Solon Brito do Nascimento share his vision and love for our mother earth.    


Zutphen, Telefoon:+31-655853182

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